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rivista on linestrumenti per la ricercadottorato di ricerca in Disegno Inustriale e Comunicazione Multimediale
João Branco
Francisco Providência
Carlos Aguiar Pinto
Vasco A. Branco

Universidade de Aveiro

Design research for small and medium-sized enterprises

We believe that the dynamization of the specific design studies (methods and contents), as well as the association of this subject with other areas of knowledge will open up the expectations of qualitatively more stimulating information for enterprises and project designers.
The small and medium-sized enterprises may benefit from this new positioning of the design that will present itself as an integrator of inter-subject synthesis, which could surpass the normal deficit of information upon the projects’ launching and accompanying.
The design, by assuming the fulfilment of its function, for and in the organisations, which greatly surpass the typical project service (strategic design management, strategic design, global design, metaproject), should create or develop new contents and methodologies that will permit the provision of this type of services to organisations so that small and medium-sized firms will benefit from them. To carry out some of these objectives, the research into design should re-inforce and/or develop new methods and contents which are more relevant and efficient for the challenges of current contexts.

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